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An offshoot of the creative design and production company, Lavish Design, RAW was created specifically to conceive and realise ingenious community based and event recycling-focused Art & Performance based projects and initiatives within the arts, performance and music event industries.
Established in 2013, RAW is now a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee, the first official supporters of RAW were the Arctic Monkeys in 2014.

RAW’s aims are to reduce landfill & to encourage more people to engage with the arts by producing sustainable high quality multi- platform arts, music & performance projects, commissioning the very best Welsh, UK and international artists that excite and inspire. 

The objectives of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit communities and in particular, to improve their environmental, social, economic, and cultural wellbeing by:

  1. Encouraging more people to engage with the arts by producing high quality multiplatform arts, music & performance projects.
  2. Improving the well-being of communities through relational inclusive and engaging projects that tackle social barriers, reducing inequality, discrimination and social disadvantage.
  3. Creating and delivering mentoring and training opportunities for vulnerable and excluded young people.
  4. Reuse of community facilities with compelling cultural activities accessible for everyone.
  5. Programming distinctive and relevant climate change focused art projects, connecting people with academic research, addressing the need for growth in sustainability, respect for nature, resilience and adaption.
  6. Making a positive contribution to global well-being through international exchange partnership programming.
  7. Developing an economically resilient sustainable model of practice for RAW that is embedded in the local community, reaching and engaging with a broad spectrum of society and private sector partners..

RAW CIC is a not-for-profit asset locked limited company, for the benefit of the community of mid-Wales and other regions across the UK.

potential partners & new project enquiries ami@lavish-design.com arts funding enquiries & biomimicry raw@lavish-design.com

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